Michael Wurth

Michael Wurth.jpg

Michael Wurth joined Conservation Corps as a crew member on the St. Paul Roving Crew in 2012 and became a crew leader in 2013. Being a part of the program for two years had its’ benefits. He was not only able to gain leadership skills, but also had the rare chance to see the progress of his work a year later. The experience that truly impacted Michael, however, was his disaster deployment to aid survivors of Hurricane Sandy in New York. Michael was so impressed with how the members of the community came together during this time of tragedy.

The people he met continued to stand out through his entire Corps experience. Michael built long lasting friendships, networked with professionals to further his career and ultimately was led to his current position through staff members at the Corps. Michael took advantage of resources offered by our recruitment department to find new opportunities. He was encouraged to join the Student Conservation Association after the Corps, spending 6 months doing similar work in New Hampshire and Vermont. After that, Corps staff directed him to an open position at Urban Boatbuilders, and he has been there ever since.

Urban Boatbuilders’ mission is to empower youth to succeed in work and life through woodworking and experiential learning. Michael works as their Development Officer and Instructor, working with youth, planning outreach events, writing grants and leading fundraising efforts. Before this job, Michael had never built a boat before. But the Corps taught him that you can really do anything if you have the right combination of staff, peers, training and a positive environment.

“I'm passionate about the work I do with Urban Boatbuilders, but I wouldn't be where I am without the Corps. The Corps is more than a job. It’s an experience you take with you forever, with an open mind and open heart.”