Dain Spurgeon


Before his service in the Corps, Dain Spurgeon never imagined he would end up a professional firefighter. As a crew member and leader in 2010-11, he served all across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois. Besides wildland firefighting and prescribed burning, he was busy with GIS surveying, maintaining parks and trails, planting trees, managing invasives and restoring prairies, forests, streams and shorelines. Most meaningful to him was the unique places he got to see and the friends he made, many of whom still get together annually to catch up and reminisce about their experiences working together.

Dain found he loved firefighting and that led him to pursue it as a career. He now works as a wildland firefighter with the Helena National Forest in Montana. In that position, he travels the country to National Forests and other public lands, working to suppress or use wildland fire for the protection of the public and benefit of the forest.