Grant Carlson


As one of 30 DNR naturalist interns, Grant Carlson uses his experience from the Conservation Corps every day. Leading educational and interpretive programs in areas such as the Temperance River gorge, Carlson traverses the very trails he worked on as a Gunflint crew member in 2009 and a Tofte crew leader in 2010 during summers serving in the Corps’ Superior National Forest seasonal program. His time in the Corps gave him an intimate knowledge of the area, including trail conditions and the best views to share with visitors. It also taught him to work with people from various backgrounds who might hold views that differ from his own, and to “get along.” Carlson says his time in the Corps also “toughened him up, and put things in perspective,” after his first spike working on the Kekekabic Trail during an eight-day stretch of unrelenting cold rain. Beside the practical skills he gained, he learned to keep life’s challenges in perspective and made solid friendships that continue today. Now, as Carlson plans, promotes, develops and leads groups in activities such as geology walks and meteor shower viewings, he brings to his work the perspective and work ethic he found in the Corps.