Keegan Lund


Keegan Lund served as a crew leader in the Central district in 2003-2004, restoring shoreline, removing invasive species and constructing trails throughout the metro region and in northern Minnesota. One particularly memorable experience involved rescuing an ATV that had sunk in a bog of water and sphagnum that covered a logging road normally only used in winter when the bog is frozen. The crew had been mapping ATV trails in Koochiching County 10 miles from the nearest road when Lund saw the ATV ahead of them nearly disappear. After three challenging hours of winching, prying and levering, they were able to free it from the muck.

Lund now works for the Minnesota DNR as an invasive species specialist, inspecting lakes and issuing permits for the management of aquatic invasive species and working to prevent their further spread. He credits the Corps with helping shape his vocational path and providing tangible experience. “Without my year spent with the Corps I would not be in the position I am today,” Lund says. “The Corps instilled in me the value of how hard work can pay off down the road.”