Nicole Skurich

nicolestaff new.jpg

Conservation Corps’s newest hire is a familiar face to many in the Corps, having served on the Three Rivers crew in 2009-2010, first as a crew member and then as a crew leader, and most recently as Administrative Associate at the headquarters in St. Paul. In fall 2012, Nicole Skurich began a new role as Youth Outdoors Assistant Program Manager, a brand new position added to accommodate significant expansion of the program. Skurich first became interested in the Corps after visiting our state fair booth. While studying in Germany, she had become more aware of environmental issues and the Corps seemed like a good challenge with a mission she could get behind. Though initially nervous about the prospect of running a chainsaw and driving a truck, Skurich soon found herself confidently felling large old oak trees that were infected with oak wilt. As crew leader, she learned to manage team dynamics and varying skills, even as members were replaced during the term, and was proud to have created a solid crew. She brings those skills to her new position, which includes hiring and training, tracking work accomplishments and supporting the implementation and development of youth crews.