Keri Hull

As supervisor of the Little Falls crew in 1998-2000, Keri Hull worked hard to keep her crew motivated and on task during the challenging times, and found inspiration – and her aspiration – in the variety and depth of work she did for the Minnesota DNR. During her service, Conservation Corps was not yet a nonprofit and operated under the DNR umbrella. Hull worked on everything from wildland fire fighting to timber stand improvement to lake surveys to wildlife research. A particularly memorable experience was assisting with a deer and wolf capture at Camp Ripley. Animals were located via helicopter, then netted and flown to the camp where the crew helped wildlife biologists take blood samples, tag and collar the animals. Hull says it was her “first up-close encounter with a wolf. They are awesome and amazing animals.”

Hull credits her Corps experience with showing her the importance and value of natural resources and directing her career path with the DNR. “This experience opened my eyes to all the aspects of the Department of Natural Resources,” she said. “It made me want to help protect and improve what natural resources we have left.” Hull now works for the DNR as Regional Watercraft Inspection Supervisor – Division of Ecological and Water Resources, Invasive Species. She oversees watercraft inspectors and educates the public about the need to stop the spread of invasive species.