Summer Youth Corps – Operations Coordinator
(Assistant Director)
Position Description

Position: Operations Coordinator (Summer Youth Corps)
Location: Minnesota (statewide)
Schedule: Seasonal; May 23 - August 28, 2015 (start date flexible)
Time off: July 18-21; one three-day period of your choosing
Pay rate:  Stipend $1,990 per month for 3 months
Benefits: Food and lodging, optional health insurance
Reports to: Summer Youth Corps Program Coordinator
Criminal History Check:  NSOPW, state criminal history and FBI fingerprint checks due to reoccurring access to vulnerable populations
Application deadline: February 12, 2015 (resume and cover letter)

Conservation Corps provides hands-on environmental stewardship and service-learning opportunities to youth and young adults while accomplishing energy conservation, natural resource management projects and emergency response work.

Position summary:

The Operations Coordinator (OC) is integral to the Summer Youth Corps’ program goals of accomplishing environmental projects, as well as providing training, education and leadership to ensure a positive and safe experience for participants. The OC primarily handles the distribution, collection and maintenance of all tools and equipment used throughout the program as well as all vehicle logistics, paperwork and upkeep. The OC will work in coordination with the other Assistant Directors and the Program Coordinator to provide comprehensive support to youth crews throughout the summer season. This position reports to the Program Coordinator. 

If an applicant possesses strong American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting skills and/or is fluent in ASL, this position may be modified to include managing and supporting ASL interpreters and deaf crew leaders.


The OC must be able to motivate 15- to 25-year-old members and youth to work safely and productively to complete service projects and work administratively to ensure the program runs smoothly. The OC should have experience working with this age group, and be competent to foster crew growth through experiential learning. They must also have the skills necessary to evaluate crew leader performance and administer discipline/recognition to leaders and youth. Working knowledge of conservation projects from a variety of disciplines such as trail construction, invasive plant management and prairie/forest management, and knowledge of hand and power tool safety and use is desired. A valid driver's license with good driving record and working knowledge of MS office applications are required.                                           

Essential functions:

I. Training and evaluations

  • Support or provide crew leader and youth trainings in areas such as defensive driving, tool use and safety, camping and backcountry gear and leadership.
  • Lead training for returning youth.
  • Conduct mid-term and end-term evaluations of 6-8 crew leaders.
  • Provide ongoing support to corps members to ensure personal and program success. 

II. Safety

  • Promote and follow all safety requirements of OSHA, project hosts and the Corps.
  • Perform multiple site visit evaluations per assigned crew and perform “mini” safety reviews.
  • Inventory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and restock as needed.
  • Assist in accident investigations as applicable.
  • Report all leader and youth behavioral and medical issues to Program Coordinator.

III. Equipment

  • Keep work areas, office, shop, pod and vehicles neat and orderly.
  • Collect and record full equipment inventory at the end of the summer.
  • Assure proper safety and maintenance of DNR fleet and Corps-owned equipment.
  • Organize, distribute, collect, manage and repair camping equipment and tools.

IV. Crew operations and management

  • Mentor crew leaders and support crews in the field (conduct site visits to work with crews, assist crews with technical projects and assist crew leaders with any issues that arise).
  • Coordinate program logistics. 
  • Model and enforce Corps policies at all times. Provide explanation for program policies.
  • Provide energetic and inspiring leadership to participants.
  • Take weekly call-ins from assigned crew leaders and provide appropriate feedback.
  • Collaborate with head staff to determine appropriate work crews.
  • Participate in daily head staff meetings.
  • When in the field, check in with Program Coordinator at least once a day.
  • Assist with disciplinary action, including suspension and/or termination of SYC participants.

V.  Tools training

  • Ensure proper equipment and training in place before projects begin.
  • Communicate with crew leaders about what tools and gear they will need for their projects.
  • Train and outfit Wilderness Crew with backcountry gear.

VI. General program logistics

  • Support the Program Coordinator in all areas of programming.
  • Provide energetic and inspiring leadership to participants.
  • Foster understanding of deaf culture through learning sign language and always leading inclusive activities. 
  • Assist with organizing two end-of-program banquets (slideshow, certificates, activities, etc.).
  • Assist with putting together a summer book and a collection of photographs from each half to post online.
  • For all buildings assist with proper cleaning, maintenance and bug eradication.

VII. Administration

  • Collect, review and submit Monthly Usage Reports (MURs) to Program Coordinator.
  • Assure proper safety and maintenance of DNR fleet and Corps-owned equipment.
  • Submit coded receipts and monthly credit card log to Program Coordinator.
  • Produce final report at end of summer.

Principle working relationships:

  • Directly supervised by Program Coordinator.
  • Work collaboratively with the Education Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Kitchen Coordinator/Cook and Program Coordinator.
  • Directly supervise 6-8 crew leaders at all times during the summer and provide support to other crew leaders as needed.
  • Indirectly supervise 2 or 3 swampers throughout the summer.
  • Indirectly supervise 80 youth at a time throughout summer.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

Desire and ability to:

  • Work hard in an outdoor setting in adverse conditions with limited time off.
  • Work with diverse youth in conservation, education and recreation settings.
  • Foster strong work habits, environmental ethics, youth leadership and team unity.
  • Display a positive attitude, interest in service and community work and desire to make a difference.

Academic and experience qualifications:

  • Previous experience working with youth or in a leadership role is required.
  • Previous education related to youth development and natural resources is not required.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and coaching skills.

Service conditions:

  • Service projects are primarily completed outside during all seasons.
  • Expected to complete service during hot/cold weather, rain/snow and other seasonal conditions.
  • Extensive travel is likely in order to support crews across the state.
  • Required to live at residential base camp or project locations around the region.

Physical, emotional and intellectual demands:

  • Because of residential nature or our program, the Operations Coordinator must be willing to work long hours with limited time off. Must be willing to live in tents and in variety of locations throughout summer.
  • Position is emotionally demanding in terms of patience working with youth from all different backgrounds and providing support to crew leaders.
  • Position is intellectually demanding in terms of properly planning program logistics.

Equipment used:

  • Hand tools: Pulaski, loppers, hammers, shovels, wheelbarrows, pick mattock, ax mattock, hazel hoe, rock bar, bow saw, hand saw, pole saw and other conservation hand tools.
  • Power tools: drill, air compressor, chain saw, weed whip and other power tools as needed.
  • Vehicles: 12 passenger vans, minivans, truck with canoe trailer and others as needed.

Conditions of agreement:

The Operations Coordinator will be subject to all state and federal laws, and the rules and regulations of OSHA and Conservation Corps. They are expected to fully understand and follow the policies described within the Crew Leader Manual. Violations will result in disciplinary action according to program guidelines, including written warnings, suspension without pay and/or termination. The Operations Coordinator is accountable for meeting or exceeding the responsibilities of this position as described above, and will be evaluated at 60 days after position start and at the end of the term by Corps program staff members, with input from crew leaders, crew members and project hosts. Failure to receive satisfactory evaluations may be grounds for non-renewal and in serious cases may result in termination.

This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, political affiliation or religion. Reasonable accommodations provided upon request.


  • Two periods off: July 18-21 and one three-day period of your choosing. Any day(s) missed in excess of scheduled “days off” are considered “excessive” and will result in reduction of stipend amount for each day missed. 
  • Corps member health insurance (optional).
  • Personal protective equipment and uniform.
  • Training specific to responsibilities of position.
  • The Operations Coordinator is not eligible for AmeriCorps education award, comp time accrual, overtime pay, retirement benefits or unemployment insurance. 

Terms of agreement:

The Operations Coordinator position is a seasonal position. The OC is considered a program participant and may be terminated at any time without cause. 

Submit cover letter and resume by February 12, 2015 to:  
Summer Youth Corps Program Coordinator
60 Plato Blvd. E. Ste 210, St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: 651-209-9900 x27