New Alumni Council Members

Anthony Bieker.jpg

Anthony Bieker

  • City, State currently living - Minneapolis, MN
  • Favorite Food - Cheeseburger Pizza
  • Favorite Outdoor Activities - Camping BWCA, biking, hiking, running.
  • What are you doing now? - Regional Sales Manager
  • Most impactful experience with the Corps - Giving Back to Society (Joplin Tornado Disaster Relief)


Calyn Rieger.jpg

Calyn Rieger

  • City, State currently living - Dassel, MN
  • Favorite Food - Cheese pizza with pineapples
  • Favorite Outdoor Activities - Environmental clean-ups and camping
  • What are you doing now? - Full-time high school student and soon to be college student
  • Most impactful experience with the Corps - The Corps has allowed me to find my passion and grow and expand my passion for trees, the environment, natural resources and politics/government.



Danielle Yaste

  • City, State currently living:  Fargo, ND
  • Favorite Food:  Coffee
  • Favorite Outdoor Activities:  Hiking or canoeing, or portaging a canoe (best of both worlds)
  • What are you doing now? Working at the International Water Institute as a Monitoring and Educational Specialist
  • Most impactful experience with the Corps:  Disaster responses in both Baton Rouge and Puerto Rico

Frank Herman

  • City, State currently living:  I currently reside in Blaine MN
  • Favorite Food: This is a tough one. My cravings vary from pizza to sushi.
  • Favorite Outdoor Activities:  Fun in the outdoors include backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting to sightseeing the beauty nature has to offer. 
  • What are you doing now? Besides being the parent of four children, I am the principal of Robbinsdale Cooper High School
  • Most impactful experience with the Corps: The summer of '88 was one of creating great memories with wonderful people, hard work and gaining a deeper appreciation of what  it takes to balance the preservation of nature while still making it accessible for all to enjoy.