Nationwide Corps Database

History of the Database

At the 2016 Corps Rendezvous, members of several Corps decided there was a need for a national recruitment database. The idea was to create a searchable database of all of The Corps Network programs that could be hosted on any site for potential applicants. This, hopefully, would help all of our recruitment efforts; our programs could be found by any candidate through a single site, and the data would be “evergreen” (i.e. not only available when positions are open).

Adding/Editing Information in the Database


“Corps” refers to your organization
“Program” refers to the specific program you offer

Directions for adding programs:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your Corps from the drop-down
    • If your Corps is listed:
      1. Click “Search” to view programs already added
      2. Edit program record by clicking “Click to edit record” for each of your listed programs
      3. Fill in or edit program details
      4. The program record will update in the database
      5. IMPORTANT: Not all fields will display in the search results. You must click through to each record to make sure it is complete.
    • If your Corps is NOT listed:
      1. Click “Add Corps Program” at the top
      2. Fill in program details
      3. Repeat for EACH program you offer
    • If your Corps is listed, but all of your programs are NOT:
      1. Click “Add Corps Program” at the top
      2. Fill in program details
      3. Repeat for EACH program you offer


  • This will be the process for you to edit your own records AT ANY TIME in the future! You are accountable for keeping your own program records updated.
  • This IS NOT the same search engine that is visible to prospective candidates. This is merely a tool to get program information into the database.

Linking/Embedding the Search Engine on Your Website

The search engine for potential applicants can be included on your website in one of two ways:

  1. Link to this page:
  2. Embed the application into your website using the below code:

<script type="text/javascript">app_id="597102dde30a6d51d55689b0";distribution_key="dist_5";</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div id="knack-dist_5">Loading...</div>

You can see an example of what the search engine looks like embedded on Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa’s website here:


Kellie Lager, Recruitment Manager
Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa
651-209-9900 x31