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Adopt-a-River: Get Involved

How it works

When you sign up for Adopt-a-River, you agree to clean up your adopted shoreline once a year for a minimum of two years. The once-a-year commitment makes Adopt-a-River a great volunteer activity for families, student groups, corporations, service clubs, and conservation organizations.

Choosing a location

The first step to adopting a river is choosing a shoreline. Some of the best cleanup locations are in areas that are frequently flooded, at the edges of retention ponds and wetlands, or are next to roads or parking lots. Another option is to call to your local public works department.

Once you have chosen a shoreline, register online with us.

Organizing your cleanup

Once you receive confirmation of your adoption, begin organizing your cleanup. Check the frequently asked questions for answers to common questions like whether the program picks up trash, how to figure out how much your trash weighs without a scale, and more.


Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality Toolkit


Reporting your results

After your cleanup, please fill out our online reporting form. This helps us keep track of how much trash has been removed, what kind of trash people are finding, and also lets us know you or your organization is still active. Your report also inspires others to get involved!