Education Access

Member Development
Setting Goals During Your Service Year
Career Spotlight - Soil Scientist
Career Spotlight - Wildlife Biologist
Career Spotlight - Assistant Fire Management Officer
Guide to Getting a Job with the Federal Government
Job Boards
Building a Professional Network
Corps Organizations
Great Lakes Regional Fellowship
Continued Learning During Your Service

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Implicit Association Tests
7-Day Bias Cleanse
How Stereotypes Drive Women to Quit Science Jobs
Book: Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People
Book: Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgements in Our Daily Lives

Sustainability & Green Living
Green Home Resource Guide

Plant & Tree Identification
Tree Identification Key
Plant Families
Invasive Exotics & Herbicide
Wild Edibles 

Plant & Tree Identification Web Resources
Tree Identification MN
Tree Identification IA
MN DNR Wildflower Identification
MN DNR Invasives

Water Quality PowerPoint
Raingarden PowerPoint
Stream Ecology PowerPoint
Streambank Stabilization PowerPoint
EPA Types of Wetlands
Blue Thumb Web Resource
Pharmaceutical Waste

Bioengineering Intro & User Guide
Forest Service Bioengineering Link
Trail Design & Layout
Trail Drawings & Specifications
Forest Inventory Tools
MN DNR Forest Inventory Map
Glacial Geology 

NEEF Climate Change Online Training
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Green Driving Tips
Home Energy
Global Warning PowerPoint
Dangers of Plastic Bags PowerPoint 

Bird Identification & PowerPoint
MN Elk Management Plan & Article
MN Wolf Management Plan & Article
MN Rouffed Grouse Plan &  Article
Earthworm Invasion PowerPoint
Emerald Ash Borer &  PowerPoint

Team Development
Team Building Activites
Life Map Activity
Stages of Crew Development (Chart)
Conflict Resolution 

Outdoor Ethics
Spike Trip & LNT Handout
LNT PowerPoint
Survival Activities
Wilderness Survival 

Non-Traditional Uses of the Education Award
Starting Your Own Business
Outdoor Adventure and Leadership
Studying or Serving Abroad
Yoga Teacher Certification
Colorado Firecamp
Vocational/Trade School, Part 1
Vocational/Trade School, Part 2
Vocational/Trade School, Part 3

Tips for Living on the AmeriCorps Stipend
Surviving Your Service Year: Budgeting
Disaster Response Overview PowerPoint
Educational Resource Videos