Clean Water Funding


 The Legislature directed the Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) to appropriate $500,000 of the Clean Water Fund to be contracted for services with Conservation Corps Minnesota. BWSR contracted with the Corps to provide funded labor to cities, counties, soil and water conservation districts, metropolitan watershed management organizations, watershed districts, and joint powers organizations of those government units to undertake projects consistent with the Corps mission, BWSR grant policies, and Clean Water Fund goals (Laws of Minnesota, Chapter 172, section 6).  

Grant eligibility & guidelines:
Funds are available for Conservation Corps crew labor only, on projects with the purpose of protecting, enhancing and restoring water quality in lakes, rivers and streams and/or protecting groundwater and drinking water sources from degradation. Project proposals should demonstrate measurable outputs to achieve water quality objectives through the implementation of best management practices. Projects that provide our crews a valuable experience and education about water quality projects/watershed management and focus on retaining water on the land through plantings (such as rain garden installation) versus habitat restoration (such as invasive species removal) are preferred.

Applicants must have an approved and locally adopted watershed management plan, county comprehensive local water management plan, local surface water management plan, metro groundwater plan, surface water intake plan or well head protection plan that has been state approved and locally adopted. Practices must strive to be of long-lasting public benefit with a minimum 10 years effective life.

Clean Water Funds provide 100% of eligible crew labor costs. There is no minimum match requirement, but applicants must itemize local financial contribution, such as non-state funds, in-kind staff time, or materials. Conservation Corps will complete eLINK reporting of accomplishment outcomes, itemization of match, and project location upon project completion, in partnership with the applicant. 

Application Process: Complete and submit project application with aerial photo/map attached. Contact Brian Miller at 651.209.9900 x 19 with questions.

Application Timeline (each year): 
October 15-December 15: Project application period
December 15: Application deadline
December 15-January 15: Application review
January 15-30: Award notices sent out to applicants
March-December 2018: Project implementation period

Clean Water Fund granted projects by year: 
2019 Clean Water Funded Projects
2018 Clean Water Funded Projects
2017 Clean Water Funded Projects
2016 Clean Water Funded Projects
2015 Clean Water Funded Projects (Sample project: Becker SWCD Pelican River Watershed Restoration)  
2014 Clean Water Funded Projects (Sample project: Carlton SWCD Elim Creek Restoration)
2013 Clean Water Funded Projects

Learn more about crew capabilities:
AmeriCorps field crews (ages 18-25)
Summer youth crews (ages 15-18)

NOTE: This notice of funding is NOT for summer single-placement Apprentices through the SWCD Academy Program. To learn about Apprenticeship Academy funding, click HERE.
SWCDs can apply for both Clean Water Project funding and to host a summer Apprentice.