Chris Mukina, Youth Outdoors Field Coordinator

Honest. Adaptable. Practical. Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable. (The Office, anyone?)

Chris started with Conservation Corps in 2013 serving four full terms of service in Youth Outdoors as a crew member, leader and field specialist. As the YO field coordinator, he is responsible for training, fleet management and inventory of equipment. Chris also assists, outfits and mentors participants in all Youth Outdoors programs.

Chris is an expert in training Corps members how to use a chainsaw and conduct proper tree felling. He has given approximately 91 hours of presentations and 140 hours of field training on these subjects!

The variety of work is what Chris enjoys most about the Corps. He has accomplished many rewarding tasks such as building a 100’ boardwalk over a pond and serving two months on flood relief in Baton Rouge, LA.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys staying up to date on recent film releases, restoring antique woodworking tools, biking to a concert or planning trips to other countries.

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