Outcomes & Testimonials

SWCD Testimonials:

“We were satisfied with the Apprentice so much, that we hired her on as an employee.”
-Ann White Eagle, Ramsey Conservation District

“The apprentice program was a great experience. All of our local staff worked with the intern and it highlighted the diverse skills needed to deliver the natural resource programs we work with on a daily basis.”
- Eric Hartman, Rock SWCD

“The Corps did an excellent job of matching our office with an outstanding candidate. We are looking forward to doing this again if the program were available.”
- Karen Flom, Renville County SWCD

“Our apprentice worked out very well. She brought more to the partnership then we expected particularly in the GIS skills, and for that reason we were able to keep her on part time for additional work beyond her Conservation Corps appointment. The SWCD will certainly try this program again.”
-Brad Matlack, Carlton SWCD

“Our apprentice was a perfect fit for his skills and personality. It is definitely a time commitment on our part to have additional staff to coordinate and orient, but I feel it is well worth the effort. I think this program is a great way to give college students an opportunity to experience hands on training and learning. The Corps work plan template, supervisor orientation and handbook were very useful in the apprentice process. Hope we have the opportunity to place another apprentice the future.”
-Douglas Bos, Rock County SWCD


Apprentice Testimonials:

“The Apprentice Academy has really prepared me for starting a career in soil and water conservation. I feel that I am a competitive candidate for an entry level position. Working in my home county has also got me more involved in my community, and I have gotten to know the people and the land much better.”
- Dan Wermager, Root River SWCD apprentice, 2015

“The Apprentice Academy has provided me with an experience unlike anything I was expecting from an internship. I have gained technical and analytical skills that have clarified classroom concepts, and prepared me for a future in the soil & water conservation field.”
- Andrew Usher, Dakota SWCD apprentice, 2013

“The Conservation Apprenticeship Academy has meant more to me than I thought it would. It has been the best work experience I have ever had. I feel much more confident about my future career opportunities and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program.”
- Frances Gerde, Sherburne SWCD apprentice, 2011

“I was able to learn first-hand from a wide variety of natural resource professionals including engineers, technicians, specialists from the NRCS, DNR, MPCA, and more: A million times better than a textbook or a lecture hall. And, I got to tangibly help them all too!"
- Matias Valero, South St. Louis SWCD apprentice, 2011