Jeff West

Conservation Corps Minnesota alumnus Jeff West is Site Manager for the Boreal Natives Office of Prairie Restorations, Inc., which produces greenhouse seedlings for woodland, wetland and shoreline restoration projects throughout northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. He handles all sales, customer relations and office management, and gets out in the field as a project manager for both installation and land management projects.

West says his Corps experience directly prepared him for his current work: “Getting to work with such diverse and amazing people on a wide variety of projects while constantly learning new skills and abilities was an extremely important step in my maturation both as a person and a worker.”

West served three AmeriCorps terms, as a field crew member in 2004 and as a crew leader in 2005 and 2006. He is best known for taking the lead on building stairs at Taylors Falls that lead from the main street to the St. Croix River – no small feat. The project involved more than 100 stairs going up a very steep slope, with only construction specs and a constantly-changing layout for guidance. In the end, says West, “Working for MCC was one of the best experiences of my life.”