Phil Potyondy


Phil Potyondy joined Conservation Corps Minnesota’s young adult field crews in 2005 and led the first canoe and boating route crew in 2006. He enjoyed the variety of work that included constructing steps and a bridge in Taylors Falls, building steps to an Afton State Park canoe site, building campsites and maintaining portages in northern Minnesota, chain-sawing under water in the Rum River and discovering the hidden access to the Lake Superior Water Trail.

Phil currently works as an urban forester/GIS analyst in the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Forestry Division. In his second year of an urban forestry master’s program at the University of Minnesota, Phil is researching the impact of urban forest canopy on winter home energy consumption in Minnesota. He is also a research assistant on the Emerald Ash Borer Rapid Response Community Preparedness Project. Aside from urban forestry he likes to bike, canoe, brew beer with his wife (and fellow Corps alumnus Abigail Liesch) and play cornet in the Brass Messengers.