Adam Jacobson

Adam Jacobson, now an Army Medic for the Honor Guard in Washington D.C., served as a Conservation Corps field crew member in 2009. Based in Bemidji, he planted trees in Big Bog, combated soil erosion and built trails for northern Minnesotans to enjoy. “Working in the Corps helped me see a bigger picture of the world. I saw that my actions could directly affect people and the environment.”

“Before I joined the Corps, I was reserved and I didn't like to try new activities or even meet new people. I feel that the Corps helped me to get out of my shell and participate in community activities,” Adam says. “The most valuable lesson I learned was to have a good attitude with everything you do. People will notice when you do your job well and without complaint. I had many fond memories with the Corps, and no matter where we went there was fun to be had.”