Cathi Fouchi

Cathi Fouchi, a Minnesota DNR natural resource planner, served in the Minnesota Conservation Corps in 1984 when it was a program of the DNR (bottom row in photo, second from left). She remembers her experience fondly.

“The first few weeks I was loaned out to The Nature Conservancy on a prescribed burning crew. We burned some beautiful prairie areas,” says Fouchi, who served in Bemidji. “One was a night time burn.The site of the prairie burning towards our line is something that I will remember forever. I could easily imagine what early settlers must have thought when they first saw something like that.”

Fouchi went on to work for the DNR in various capacities including wildlife technician, assistant wildlife manager, wildlife program coordinator and watershed coordinator. She says her time with the Corps helped develop her career. “I gained and improved valuable skills … team work and prescribed burning … which were useful in life”