Eric Antonson

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Senior Director of Programs

Dedicated. Thoughtful. Adventurous.

As the Senior Director of Programs, Eric leads the design and implementation of all Corps programs that restore resources and change lives. He enjoys the wonderful people he gets to work with and feels like he is always learning and stretching himself.

Eric has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Teaching Life Science from University of Minnesota Duluth and a Masters of Public and Nonprofit Administration from Metropolitan State University. Eric is a proud SYC alum and has been involved with the organization since 2001. He brings expertise in leadership, program development and design, strategic planning and Corps member development to the organization.

Outside of work, Eric enjoys hanging out with his wife and dog, riding just about any kind of bicycle, playing broomball, reading, hiking/canoeing/camping and (trying to) fix or build things.

Email Eric

651-209-9900 x11