Renae Oswald-Anderson

Interim Executive Director

Arranger. Positivity. Connectedness.

Renae 2 (002).jpg

Renae Oswald Anderson has over 30 years of leadership and management experience with nonprofit organizations. Through her consulting work she has provided an array of leadership transition services for area nonprofits including Interim Executive Director, executive search, candidate recruitment, and onboarding new leaders.  Renae has a nuanced understanding of the needs of the service-driven sector.  She has extensive experience in program design, delivery and evaluation and community collaborations of all sizes in both urban and rural settings.  She has worked with many boards of directors regarding strategic planning, resource development, and governance issues.

Renae has been a consultant since 2009 and is currently a partner of Strategic Consulting & Coaching, LLC (

Renae also serves as an adjunct faculty member in human services at Century College. She is passionate about the power of education and training to change people’s lives and greatly values authentic relationships and making connections to people, organizations, and resources.  The education and training offered through Conservation Corps is a wonderful opportunity to combine nonprofit expertise and leadership with the mission focus of the Corps. 

Her ultimate goal is to build inclusive and welcoming communities for peers, clients, and stakeholders.