Operations Specialist- Youth and Individual Placements

Organized. Motivated. Resourceful.

Nicole supports youth and individual placement programs and staff which includes program planning, grant reporting and compliance, data tracking, evaluation and program quality. She served as an AmeriCorps field crew member and leader with the Corps from 2009-2010, became Administrative Associate in 2011, Assistant Program Manager for Youth Outdoors in 2012 and came into her current role in 2014.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in German and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, including a year of study at Albert Ludwigs Universität in Freiberg, Germany. Nicole excels at planning, systems thinking, data management, communication and working to increase efficiencies. She has also served on Sprockets (Saint Paul’s Out of School Time Network) Community Advisory Council since the fall of 2014.

Nicole’s favorite part about the Corps is getting outside and appreciating the cyclical nature of a program year. One day almost never looks like the next and that variety keeps things interesting. Outside of work Nicole enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, traveling and cooking.