Youth Outdoors Crew Leaders/Members



Youth Outdoors AmeriCorps members (ages 18-25) serve February-December leading crews of Saint Paul and Minneapolis youth in environmental education and community service projects after-school and on Saturdays.  In addition to completing environmental restoration projects, education curriculum is taught that helps youth build practical skills, connect to the natural environment, become active citizens and prepare for meaningful careers. The program focuses on youth development and job training, with environmental conservation as a learning vehicle.

While not leading youth, members will be part of an AmeriCorps field crew that involves physically-challenging, team-oriented outdoor service projects while learning about the environment and networking with natural resource professionals. Projects sites are located throughout the state, including urban settings and extreme wilderness. Service work is performed almost exclusively outdoors and may involve camping for several days at a time. 

Corpsmembers receive training in youth leadership, civic engagement, natural resource management and personal development skills. Corpsmembers also receive training and complete various conservation projects such as tree planting, prairie restoration, streambank stabilization, wildlife surveys, carpentry/construction, timber stand improvement, lakeshore restoration, erosion control, trail construction and maintenance, exotic species management and wildlife habitat improvement.

Applications for 2017 Youth Corps Leader/Member positions are now open. Please visit our application page for a list of our available positions and apply today!


I Can Paddle! and I Can Camp! Crews

I Can Paddle! and I Can Camp! AmeriCorps members (ages 18-25) serve May-August alongside the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). I Can! programs introduce Minnesota families to a variety of outdoor activities including camping, fishing, paddling, and rock climbing. Members conduct community outreach by teaching families canoe/kayak paddling skills, camping skills and educating the public about local ecology and natural resources.

Applications for 2017 I Can! positions are now closed. Please visit our application page for a list of our available positions!


Restoring Relations Youth Corps Leaders

Restoring Relations AmeriCorps Youth Corps Leaders (ages 18-25) serve May-August in Saint Paul. This program engages leaders and youth of Native American Tribes and/or heritage in natural resource conservation work such as trail construction and maintenance, boardwalk building, planting, campsite development and invasive species removal. Crew leaders will strive to develop cohesion within the crew, maintain crew morale and ethic of service while leading, teaching, mentoring and learning in a way that supports American Indian culture and values. In this way, leaders will help youth participants make connections between service project goals and indigenous values.

Applications for 2017 Restoring Relations Youth Corps Leader positions are now closed. Please visit our application page for a list of our available positions!


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