What we do

Conservation Corps provides meaningful work for young people in managing natural resources, responding to disasters, conserving energy and leading volunteers. We provide training in resource management, safety, job-readiness and technical skills, and we help young people develop personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and greater awareness of environmental stewardship.

Restoring resources, changing lives.


Last year, after serving in our youth programs, participants reported:

98% are more knowledgeable about the environment
96% have a greater appreciation for nature and protecting the environment
88% found it easier to get to know people who are different from them
93% have more self confidence
95% increased their understanding of different cultures
98% feel better prepared for their next job
88% plan to volunteer or serve in their community
70% are more likely to pursue college and/or career in environmental field


Our young adult AmeriCorps participants reported …

93% can work better on teams
89% have a stronger work ethic
97% gained or improved technical skills
81% have more self confidence
89% have a stronger sense of personal responsibility
87% are registered to vote
94% are more knowledgeable about the environment
96% are proud of the work their crew accomplished

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About 20 percent of our program time is devoted to education in environmental science and technology and training in work skills and personal development such as financial management and job interviewing.