No opportunities are currently available.  Please check back here for openings!

No opportunities are currently available.  Please check back here for openings!

What are these pancakes on my feet and why do I need them?: A Southerner’s guide to snowshoes

I found myself buried in snow somewhere between “I think I can climb out” and “Maybe they’ll find me in a couple days”. As I lay there, it seemed to me that I was going about this whole walking in the snow business all wrong. The snowshoe is a foreign concept to those of us from the Southeastern U.S. For thousands of years however, the snowshoe represented the pinnacle of technology for traversing frozen landscapes. It was only logical then, that I should become proficient in the use of these vehicles if I had any intention of surviving Minnesota. So with a little trial and quite a bit of error I was able to devise a few tips for those with a more temperate disposition.

Corps News
Crew enhances trail in American Gothic town

In mid-March, an Iowa crew cleared brush from a creek edge to enhance a trail running through the city of Eldon, Iowa, famous for the Grant Wood painting, “American Gothic.” They had a little fun while on site!

Crews tackle Oriental bittersweet in southeast Minnesota

Despite the early spring chill, Corps crews have been firing up their chainsaws and climbing through snow-covered woods to remove invasive Oriental bittersweet in southeastern Minnesota. Several crews have collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) to control the spread of this beautiful but noxious woody vine, which twines around trees and chokes them out, breaking off limbs and ultimately killing them.