Keep your eye on our calendar for upcoming events.

Keep your eye on our calendar for upcoming events.

Restoring Relations in action...

Check out this video of our Restoring Relations Youth Corps program inaugural year. 

A video farewell

Well, this is it. The end of our term with Conservation Corps. Since I'm not one for sentimental words, I've decided a more valuable end to my blogging career would be a video. 

Watching the seasons change

The year is quickly coming to an end – there are only 23 days left in the term! I think we can all agree that this has been a hard year, but it has been rewarding as we have had the chance to work outside and watch the seasons change.

Corps News
Interim crews work through winter

While most field crew terms end in December, a small cadre of corps members stays on for an interim term, right through the coldest part of the winter. This month, a 6- to 8-member crew is working on four projects in Iowa. 

2015 accomplishment highlights

In 2015, Conservation Corps engaged 595 young people in work all over Minnesota, Iowa and throughout the Midwest. We are proud of our 2015 accomplishments.

Corps members complete SC disaster deployment

Last Saturday, four corps members returned from a disaster deployment in South Carolina. They worked with FEMA to coordinate volunteer efforts in the wake of torrential storms, which dumped up to two feet of rain in some areas.